Idioms and Idiomatic Expressions

in black and white 

in black and white means  there is written proof of something  that is said or done.

clinch a deal

If you clinch a deal in a business relationship, you reach agreement on a proposal or offer.

 square deal 

A fair and honest transaction , or an equitable arrangement, is called a square deal.

 with one voice 

More groups or organizations who are in complete agreement are said to speak with one voice

 no strings attached 

If something is offered or obtained with no strings attached, there can be no special conditions or restrictions attached to it.

 at all costs 

Regardless of the expense, effort or sacrifice involved, determine  yourself to obtain or achieve something at all costs.

 beyond wildest dreams 

something you imagined or hoped for is  beyond your wildest dreams.

 blood, sweat and tears 

A  lot of effort and hard work required for a project or action which involves blood,sweat and tears.

 explore all avenues

Try out every possibility to explore all avenues in order to obtain the best  results. 

 have on the brain

you always  think or talk about it constantly If you have something on the brain.

 dressed to kill

someone, wearing very fashionable or glamorous clothes, drawing other’s  attention is dressed to kill.

 not a hair out of place

not  a hair out of place means that the appearance of a person is  perfect.

 drop someone a line

Drop someone a line  means  write a letter to them.

 get hold of


If you obtain something, or manage to contact someone, you get hold of them.

 hear through the grapevine


If you learn about something informally, through friends or colleagues it is hearing through grapevine.




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