TOBACCO - Uses and its Medicinal Values

Written by Administrator on 19 July 2015.

Tobacco is widely cultivated in most parts of India.

Its scientific name is Nicotians tabacum.

Its origin is America.

Tobacco in excess stunts the growth, weakens the lung power and makes the skin sallow.

Medicated oil of tobacco leaves is used for the cure of rheumatism.

A paste of the tobacco powder or snuff made with castor oil is applied to the navel to relieve colic.

A leaf stalk is introduced into the rectum of children to relieve constipation.

The ash of Tobacco, mixed with butter can be applied on ulcers for cure.

Tobacco seeds can be used to extract oil for paint industries and nicotine sulphate, the main ingredient in pesticide manufacture.

Tobacco leaves are warmed and applied to the abdomen in colic and gripes.

But its excessive use produces dyspepsia, chronic inflammation of the bronchial mucous membrane and cardiac distress.

A paste made with snuff, lime and the powdered bark of Calophyllum inophyllum is applied in orchitis.

For spongy gums and toothache, chewing of tobacco leaf is a favourite remedy in India.

Tobacco has been recommended as an easy and sure remedy for snake-bite.

Smoking rapidly affects the hearing especially where there is a hereditary pre-disposition to deafness, or caused by recurrent inflammation of the nasal or throat passages.

A poultice of tobacco leaves is applied to the spine in tetanus.

A decoction of tobacco has been used as a local application to relieve pain and irritation in rheumatic swellings, syphilitic nodes and skin diseases.



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