SANDALWOOD : Best Natural Medicine

Written by Administrator on 31 May 2015.

Sandal wood occupies an important place in Hindu ceremonials, religious and social. Its Botanical name is Saussurea Lappa. It is a best medicine for fever and thirst. Essential oil in its pure state is one of the main ingredients of scented hair oils and of many floral extracts. Sandal wood trees growing on hard, rocky, ferruginous soils are richer in oil than those growing on fertile tracts. Sandalwood is also beneficial in the treatment of dysentery. It is applied externally in the form of a paste with water or rose water, to prickly heat, to scorpion stings, skin eruptions, profuse sweating and inflamed swellings. Sandal wood mixed with other herbs can be used as hair oil to cool the system. Externally the oil is an excellent application for pimples on the nose. In summer, regular application of sandal wood paste on the body, especially for children, has a refreshing effect, which heals any tiny infected spots. Sandal wood may be ground with lime fruit juice and applied on the skin troubles like abscess and itches. Watery emulsion of the sandalwood is mixed with sugar, honey and rice water is the best medicine for gastric irritability. It should be administered as for gastric irritability. Sandalwood paste is a popular household remedy for prickly heat.



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