CORIANDER - Amazing Health Benefits (very good stimulant and tonic)

Written by Administrator on 18 April 2015.

Coriander is rich in various food elements. Its Botanical name is Coriandrum Sativum. It is one of the annual herb. The leaves of coriander are stimulant and tonic. Leaves are compound, thin, alternate and easily breakable. It can be fried in gingelly oil, and placed on swelling and boils for cure. The young plants of coriander are used in chutneys, sauces, curries and soups. Coriander seeds have an aromatic odour and agreeable spicy taste. The seed powder can be given as medicine to cure fever, bad odour etc. It mixed with vinegar, can be used as drink to arrest vomiting and gas in pregnant woman. The seed soaked chewed regularly in the mouth, foul smell will vanish. Giddiness will go if water soaked with the seed, sandal wood, and gooseberry is taken orally. The coriander flower can be used in different ways to increase stamina and virility and promote cooling effect in eyes. Dry coriander should be sparingly used by persons suffering from bronchial asthma and chronic bronchitis. The decoction of coriander added with sugar and milk reduces body heat, bile, thirst, flatulence, gas etc. Boiled coriander water will increase secretion and discharge of urine. Dry coriander treats diarrhoea and chronic dysentery as well as being useful in acidity. A decoction prepared from fresh dried coriander is an excellent eye-wash in conjunctivitis. It relieves burning and reduces pain and swelling.



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