Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current Test23

Written by Administrator on 04 June 2013.

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  1. Whenever an emf is induced, the induced current is in such a direction as to oppose the cause. This is _____.
  2. A 10 m long metallic bar moves in a direction at right angles to the magnetic field with a speed of 5 ms-1, 25 V emf is induced in it. The value of magnetic field intensity is _____.
  3. Eddy current loss in a transformer is minimised by _____.
  4. AC ammeter at a particular instant will show _____.
  5. The energy stored in a coil of inductance 5 H and resistance 20 W, when the emf applied to the coil is 100 volt is _____.
  6. In which of the following electromagnetic induction is not used?
  7. A coil of area of cross section 0.5 m2 with 10 turns is in a plane which is parallel to an uniform magnetic field of 0.2 Wb/m2. The flux though the coil is _____.
  8. The part of the AC generator that passes the current from the coil to the external circuit is _____.
  9. The peak value of emf generated by an AC generator is _____.
  10. All the flux linked with the primary is not linked with secondary of a transformer. This is known as _____.



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