Electromagnetic Induction & Alternating Current Test22

Written by Administrator on 04 June 2013.

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  1. The property of production of an emf in one coil, when the current changes in another coil is called _____.
  2. In LCR circuit when XL = XC the current _____.
  3. The average power of an ac circuit is given as _____.
  4. The unit of capacitive reactance is _____.
  5. Eddy current losses can be reduced by using _____.
  6. For d.c. the capacitor offers _____.
  7. The coefficient of mutual induction between two long solenoids S1 and S2, whose core is filled with a magnetic material of permeability m is _____.
  8. If the rate of change of current of 2 As-1 induces an emf of 10 mV in a solenoid, the self-inductance is _____.
  9. A rectangular coil of area A is placed in a uniform magnetic field B with its plane perpendicular to the magnetic lines of induction. The magnetic flux linked with the coil is _____.
  10. Power (P) in an electrical circuit, the voltage (V) and current (I) are related as _____.



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