Indian History Test05

Written by Administrator on 05 April 2013.

1. The ancient cities of Harappa and Mohenjodaro are now situated in
A) Pakistan
B) China
C) Bangaladesh
D) India

2. ________was the agent of communication between heaven
A) Agni
B) Soma
C) Purusa
D) Indra

3. The Gupta period is regarded as the golden age of____.
A) Indian astronomy
B) Indian culture
C) Indian army
D) Indian literature

4. The name given to the eight poets in the court of Sri.Krishna deva raya is __________.
A) Asta Pandithulu
B) Ashta Diggajalu
C) Kavivarayamu
D) Ministership

5. The most successful of Babur's innovation was the introduction of ________, which had never been used before in the Sub-continent.
A) Gun powder
B) Bombs
C) Elephants
D) Horse

6. The largest Mosque in India is __________.
A) Juma Masjid
B) Moti Masjid
C) Jamali Kamali
D) Taj Mahal

7. All the officers in the British army consisted of ________.
A) Europeans
B) Indians
C) Persians
D) French

8. The________ represents a major turning point in India's struggle for independence.
A) Sepoy mutiny
B) Jallianwala bagh massacre
C) Indian National Congress
D) Partition of Bangal

9. It was to the credit of Vallabhbhai Patel and V.P. Menon who successfully brought about the_____.
A) Integration of princely states
B) Sepoy mutiny
C) Quit Indian movement
D) Satyagraha

10. Indira Gandhi was assassinated in on __________by her own guards.
A) October 31st 1984
B) October 31st 1950
C) October 31st 1987
D) October 31st 1957



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