Indian History Test02

Written by Administrator on 05 April 2013.

1. Of the total area India occupies a land of ___ sq km
A) 1.2,287,590
B) 2.2,973,190
C) 3.1,287,400
D) 3,287,590

2. In Vedic period, the Kshatriyas were treated as the _________.
A) Noble caste
B) Priestly caste
C) Tradesman caste
D) Servants caste

3. The Upanishads hypothesized the existence of a Universal Consciousness Over Soul that they called____
A) Kshatriya
B) Vaishya
C) Brahman
D) Shudras

4. The greatest writer of the Gupta's time was
A) Kalidasa
B) Tenalirama
C) Birbal
D) Krishna devaraya

5. ______was a great king who ruled during the Golden Period of Telugu history.
A) Harihara and Bukka
B) Sangama
C) Krishnadevaraya
D) Chanakya

6. Akbar built the city of ________ near Agra.
A) Fatehpur Sikri
B) Dheradun
C) Simla
D) Konnoj

7. ______marked the beginning of the European era in Indian history.
A) Warren Hastings
B) Robert Clive
C) Vasco da Gama
D) Magellan

8. The failure of the company officers in the commercial offices forced the British government to introduce the _______.
A) Civil services
B) Army
C) Judicial system
D) Police

9. A man named Netaji Subash Chandra Bose put together a campaign called Azad Hind Fauj which stood for _________.
A) Indian Nations Army-INA
B) Indian National Army
C) Integrated National Army
D) Indian Navy Force

10. _____ is a sovereign democratic republic which has the longest written constitution in the world.
A) India
B) Russia
C) America
D) China



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