Indian History Test01

Written by Administrator on 05 April 2013.

1. In most respects, the Indus Valley Civilization appears to have been __________.
A) Urban
B) Rural
C) City
D) none of these

2. ____was the god of the sacrificial fire.
A) Agni
B) Soma
C) Purusa
D) Indra

3. Who was the last greatest ruler of the Rashtrakutas?
A) Krishna III
B) Govinda III
C) Amoghavarsha I
D) Harsha II

4. The second great invasion into India were by the _________ kings, Cyrus and Darius,
A) Aryan
B) European
C) Persian
D) American

5. Taj Mahal, Which is known for its architectural beauty was built by
A) Shahjahan
B) Jahangir
C) Akbar
D) Humayun

6. The act that aimed at removing the political powers from the hands of company.
A) Regulating act
B) Pitts India act
C) Bengal regulation act
D) Vernacular press act

7. Mohandas Gandhi's policy of non-violent resistance is called
A) Satyagraha
B) Sepoy mutiny
C) Quit Indian movement
D) Bakthi movement

8. Indian __________ is the largest, making India 'The largest democratic' in the world.
A) Electoral
B) Population
C) Rules
D) Regulation

9. ________ is the objective of the Indian foreign policy.
A) Peace
B) Terrorsim
C) Rivalry
D) Revolt

10. The__________is preceded by an economic survey which outlines the broad direction of the budget and the economic performance of the country for the outgoing financial year.
A) Union budget
B) Constitution
C) Wealth
D) State budget




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