Idiom or Phrases - Test-4

Written by Administrator on 01 April 2013.


An idiom is a phrase or a fixed expression that has a figurative, or sometimes literal, meaning. Many idiomatic expressions, in their original use were not figurative but had literal meaning. There are thousands of idioms, and they occur frequently in all languages.

1. Catch one's breath
A) shock or amazement
B) stop breathing
C) happy mood
D) fearful thoughts

2. To scale up
A) to measure
B) to weigh
C) to speak about
D) to keep silent

3. Pros and cons
A) prepared against attack
B) adversity
C) about to perish
D) arguments far and against

4. The order disqualifying the promotion of the clerk is kept in abeyance
A) secret
B) open to all
C) in no time
D) in suspension

5. In the first month, the students feel like a fish out of water
A) homeless
B) comfortable
C) disciplined
D) manageable

6. If we feel tired then we have to make good the loss of energy by taking rich foods
A) meet
B) compensate
C) alter
D) substitute

7. I know the ins and outs of the officer
A) entirely
B) about
C) all secrets
D) activities

8. Geetha is looking for a suitable job
A) searching
B) apply
C) delivered
D) allowed

9. Rams dealing are all above board
A) open
B) simple
C) secret
D) indecent

10. Most of the villagers are still in a fool’s paradise
A) living in illusions
B) live happily
C) to live in the midst of idiots
D) with happy ideas



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