Environmental Science Test07

Written by Administrator on 04 September 2013.

1. A good choice among all the alternative fuel options is _____.
A) biogas
B) butane
C) hydrogen
D) natural gas

2. Which is considered as a biologist’s paradise?
A) Andaman and Nichobar
B) Nanda Devi
C) Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve
D) Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve

3. The gases used in the refrigerators causing global warming are _____.
A) hydro carbon
B) chlorofluoro carbon
C) carbon tetra chloride
D) carbo dioxide

4. The military related wastes are disposed by _____.
A) incineration
B) surface impoundments
C) land-fills
D) deep well injection

5. The average temperature of the earth is about _____.
A) 590F
B) 440F
C) 570F
D) 500F

6. In nuclear fission a heavy atom splits into smaller fragments by bombarding with _____.
A) protons
B) neutrons
C) photons
D) electrons

7. Which one of the following is a fuel gas _____.
A) sulphur penta flouride
B) hydrogen
C) tri fluro methyl
D) trichloro fluro carbon

8. The number of plant and animal species found in Gulf of Mannar are _____.
A) 3700
B) 3600
C) 4520
D) 3420

9. Which one of the following is not a greenhouse gas?
A) Nitrous oxide
B) Carbon dioxide
C) Hydrogen
D) Methane

10. Energy sources that are being made available continiously are known as _____.
A) non-renewable energy
B) non-recurring energy
C) renewable energy
D) recurring energy







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