Environmental Science Test06

Written by Administrator on 04 September 2013.

1. An important occupational hazard from solar energy is _____.
A) silicon dust
B) solar dust
C) molecular dust
D) wind dust

2. The location and activities of human beings are determined by the availability of _____.
A) water
B) fresh water
C) river water
D) ground water

3. Which one of the following is not an ozone depleting substance?
A) Chlorofluorocarbons
B) Methyl oxides
C) Methyl bromide
D) Hydrogen

4. The project Tiger programme was launched in the year _____.
A) 1978
B) 1973
C) 1984
D) 1991

5. Which is commonly considered as a biologist’s paradise?
A) Gulf of Mannar Biosphere Reserve
B) Andaman and Nicobar
C) Nanda Devi
D) Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve

6. The particular radiation which can damage DNA is _____.
A) infrared
B) atomic
C) electro magnetic
D) magnetic

7. Pseudomonas are capable of degrading substances like _____.
A) cyanide compounds
B) radio active materials
C) fertilisers
D) oil

8. Loss of freshwater sources due to salt water intrusion may be due to _____.
A) global warming
B) sea level increase
C) construction of dams
D) over use of ground freshwater resources

9. According to the estimation of WHO the total requirement of good water per year for a healthful life is _____.
A) 55000 gallons
B) 54000 gallons
C) 53000 gallons
D) 51000 gallons

10. The gas that traps 300 time more heat than CO2 is _____.
A) NH3
B) Methane
D) Nitrous oxide







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