Environmental Science Test05

Written by Administrator on 04 September 2013.

1. The English economist who studied the nature of population was _____.
A) John Malties
B) John Malthus
C) Thomas Mattias
D) Thomas Malthus

2. The ozone layer of stratosphere blocks the _____.
A) nuclear radiation
B) infra red radiation
C) U.V. radiation
D) both A & C

3. Name of the biosphere reserve in Meghalya is _____.
A) Namdapha
B) Sundarbans
C) Nokrek
D) None of these

4. Bio-medical wastes are removed by _____.
A) deep-well injection
B) surface impoundments
C) land filling
D) incineration

5. Which one of the following organisms plays a vital role in pollination of trees in tropical forest?
A) Humming birds
B) Orchid bees
C) Mimic moths
D) Rhinoceros beetles

6. The ideal method of obtaining nuclear energy in future will be _____.
A) fusion
B) fission
C) thermal
D) magnetic

7. The most abundant green house gas is _____.
A) SO2
B) CO2
C) CO3
D) NO2

8. The substances which are not acted upon by the bacteria or microbes are called _____.
A) non degradable
B) degradable
C) non-bio degradable
D) bio degradable

9. Porous water bearing layer of sand, gravel and rock are called _____.
A) aqui mines
B) aqui reserves
C) aqui resource
D) aquifers

10. The solar cells contain, both poisonous and a possible carcinogenic substance called _____.
A) Thorium
B) Radium
C) Uranium
D) Cadmium






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