Environmental Science Test04

Written by Administrator on 04 September 2013.

1. What is the growth rate of Human population?
A) 90 billion per year
B) 90 million per year
C) 20 billion per year
D) 20 million per year

2. The industrial conservation of water can be done for _____.
A) freezers
B) evaporation
C) wet cooling system
D) dry cooling system

3. Which of the following provides about 95% of all commercial energy in the world?
A) Nuclear energy
B) Water power
C) Petroleum, natural gas and coal
D) Sunlight

4. The power plant which is associated with displacement and settlement or human population is _____.
A) thermal power
B) hydel power
C) nuclear power
D) none of these

5. The tidal power plant is located in India at _____.
A) Gulf of Combay
B) Gulf of Mannar
C) Gulf of Kutch
D) None of these

6. The plants that can break down cyanide and reduce it to a non-toxic form are _____.
A) Phytoplanktons
B) Pseudomonas
C) Gibberella fusarium
D) Xerophytes

7. Cyanides are broken by _____.
A) Rhizobium bacteria
B) Gibberella fusarium
C) E. coli
D) None of these

8. The marine biosphere reserve in Tamil Nadu is _____.
A) Tuticorin coast
B) Gulf of Mannar
C) Palk strait
D) Nilgiri

9. To prevent ozone depletion the hydro carbons used are _____.
A) ethane & methane
B) ethane & propane
C) butane & propane
D) methane & butane

10. A variety of toxic compounds and oil are degraded by _____.
A) Pseudomonas
B) Gibberella
C) Fungi
D) None of these







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